About us

ImonCloud is a cloud platform that delivers integrated solutions and custom-built systems quickly. We’re an experienced team of developers who have built enterprise systems, IoT solutions, hardware prototyping, online games, video streaming, and blockchain services.

By leveraging our open source framework and rapid development methodologies. We’re able to take any ideas and turn it into reality, quickly. We pride ourselves on fast delivery, agility, and efficient, results-driven system developments.

Benefits of working with us

  • dramatically lower the knowhow and experience level required to write reliable and scalable servers -> minimal experience needed (even a client / frontend engineer can write server functions)
  • dramatically reduce development time (by half or more time, shortening time-to-market)
  • no need to worry about server scaling, reliability or security issues.
  • ideal for integration-type of server development work, as it interfaces well with other types of system
  • API / web / DB / messaging server all in one.

Agile software development

Agile is the development methodology that emphasizes fast development feedback, so a software project is built rather quickly with constant feedback from the designer (idea-initiator) or end-user. It is considered more efficient and effective than traditional “waterfall” approach.

How we solve the problem of system development

Time-based Development – We accept projects based on time (in weeks), so while there’s a rough spec, the spec can always change and evolve as the system develops.

Daily Delivery – We build a working system every day, from Day 1! This way you get to see immediately how your project idea is realized and you can course-correct the development at the very next day.

Holistic, integrated – Our goal is to help you build the systems you need in the most efficient and timely way possible.