prototype rapidly, scaling easily

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prototype rapidly, scaling easily

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protoype rapidly, scaling easily

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What We Offer

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Designed for people interested to fulfill application needs rather than studying infrastructure details. Just write your server "logic" in JavaScripts, and have all the messy details taken care for you.


Based on node.js, you get to leverage the extensive node eco-system to use or build modules during development. You also develop for any kind of connections (HTTP / HTTPS / websocket / socket).


Everything has been integrated for you! No setup or installation is needed! You get online editor / database (MongoDB) / dev-server / test-server, all the way to production servers.


Our framework Scalra takes care of all security issues for client-server communications, or database access. HTTPS or secure sockets are provided, as well as built-in validations for data parameters.


Automatic monitoring of server operations ensures that servers are always up and running. Database backups are also performed on a regular basis.


Our underlying technologies is not just free and open, it's based on over 10 years of research for multi-player game servers, and designed to scale to large number of concurrent users without changing your server logic.

Unleash your hacking potential with ImonCloud

Need to Get It Done Quickly?


Unique flexibility

Our prototyping tools allow you to build and deliver servers quickly, so you save time on not the mundane or the difficult, but on what's valuable for your customers and clients.

What You Can Build

  • API servers
  • Messaging servers
  • Database servers
  • Transaction servers
  • Integration servers
  • Game servers
  • Lobby servers
  • Analytics servers

affordable and flexible




Bootstrap, setup, and modify your own servers in no time. Perfect for rapidly trying out and validating ideas. All from within a web interface!

  • Server management
  • Online editor
  • Backup/restore projects
  • Network / DB abstractions
  • Email support

Test Server

$ 9 .99 / month

Allowing users / clients to try out your server prototype on a separate server. Perfect for getting feedback on alpha versions to iterate and improve.

  • Single interface for management
  • Single-button deployment
  • Separate dev / test versions
  • Separate test DB
  • Email and chat support

Production Server

$ 99 .99 / month

Ready for users in live operations. Still manage and deploy everything from a single user interface. Scale up without having to modify any code.

  • Separate servers
  • SSH access to server environment
  • Secured connection support
  • Regular DB backup
  • Email, chat, and phone support

Prototype Rapidly, Scaling Easily